Top Five Must-Sees When You Travel to Boston, Massachusetts

Who can forget the Boston Tea Party, the Revolution or hundreds of other very historically significant occurrences that saturate the rich and vibrant history of this amazing city. With the exception of New York City, Boston is quite easily one of the most notable places in the US, and one of the oldest cities in our great nation. Millions of people call this city home, and the hustle and bustle is as East Coast as it gets. Made more famous by the ‘Big Dig’ in recent history – an underground thoroughfare that cost billions of dollars and never really worked out, and is today still considered to be one of the greatest architectural mishaps in the modern era – that tunnel under the water aside, Massachusetts lays claim to one grand city indeed. While there are literally hundreds of things that one could see and do while in this city, and boiling them down to just ten was very difficult, nevertheless, if you find yourself in MA, here are five must-sees that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Public Garden: George Washington on his famous horse is the staple of this amazing, outdoor, public and free botanical garden. Just down the way from the Boston Commons on Charles Street, immerse yourself in a pristinely landscaped paradise inside of a concrete jungle. Notable things that you shouldn’t pass up: the famous swan rides – as seen in many major motion pictures – are an absolute must-do.

Museum of Science: This is one of the best scientific museums in the world. Perhaps it’s because the place houses a two story tall, world famous Van de Graaf generator that can generate nearly three million volts of electricity. Or perhaps it’s the Imax theatre inside, or the hundreds of other fully interactive exhibits. In any case, don’t pass this amazing spectacle up when you travel to Boston.

North End: If you find yourself strolling along the Boston Waterfront – another must-see – then don’t forget about North End. Aside from the rich history of the buildings here, some which date back hundreds of years, don’t pass up the Paul Revere House, and North Church. This is one of the most historic parts of the city, you must check it out for sure when visiting.

Boston Common: There is so much history in this place its not even funny. The oldest park in the US, Revolutionary soldiers encamped here when fighting off the colonists; the Brits made camps here often during this war. This park is also part of the historical Freedom Trail, and is connected to Massachusetts State House and Beacon Hill. This park stretches for nearly fourteen miles, part of an intertwined series of public parks in the downtown area; like Boston’s version of Central Park, only with more history.

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum: Isabella Stewart Gardner’s mansion, which was constructed to fashion after a palace, is a must-see. Amazing art pieces that she owned decorate the interior, crafted by masters such as Titian, Matisse, Rembrandt, Raphael and others; it’s like a little art museum in the center of the city.